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embos ~ dimble perforated Plat Besi
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Jual embos ~ dimble perforated Plat Besi

Spesifikasi embos ~ dimble perforated Plat Besi

Perforated Plate Dimble / Embos

PT. Sumber Rezeki Kencana offers the most complete range of sizes for Perforated Sheet/dimble~embos/Metal/Plate/ACP/Coil from 0,4 mm to 2,5 mm thick, and from 1,1 mm to 50 mm size holes in round, square, hexagonal, slotted, dimble/embos or fancy shaped. We perforate any non brittle material including cold rolled and hot, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and enginering plastic. Marketing Office : Jl. Katalia Raya AS I no. 8, Cibubur 17433 Phone : +62 21 29060401 / 84596877 Mobile : +62 8118164195 Fax : +62 8455368 E-mail :

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